About me

It's 2017 and my life is fine. I am married with 3 beautiful healthy boys, a puppy ​​and a profession.

I had challenges with my children, who were 6, 10 and 12 years old, and especially with my middle one whom I felt had difficulty dealing with his negatives emotions: anger, frustration and anxiety. That's when I realized I was on autopilot, and had been since the beginning of my life as a mom.

So I joined a coaching program in order to help him and, SURPRISE SURPRISE the solution was not to try to fix him, organize him or control him, but to work on me and the rest falls into place just like MAGIC, it's impressive.

Since then, I am still with my coach and I continue to work on myself on a daily basis. With the progress and realization I made, I decided to make a career change and become a coach myself, thus undergoing my training at Brooke Castillo's Life Coach School in Causal Coaching.

I now offer my services to Hockey Moms who are on autopilot so they can discover and live their dream life.